Category criteria

These awards encompass all areas of the automotive logistics, purchasing and supply chain sector, giving the opportunity for all individuals and companies in our industry who have excelled, to be recognized and celebrated.

Apprenticeship Programme

The award is presented to the company who has the most comprehensive, exciting and beneficial apprenticeship programme. The award encompasses those who train, those who attend and those who undertake in-role development of apprentices. The winner will demonstrate dedication to training, learning and sharing of information to a new generation that ultimately benefits the industry as a whole.

OEM of the Year

The award will honour the vehicle manufacturer which has done most to foster collaboration and partnership with its service providers. In this category the winner will be selected by an industry vote rather than by our judging panel.

Third Party Logistics Company

This award will go to the 3PL or 4PL which has demonstrated an outstanding level of achievement in the provision of cost-effective and innovative supply chain solutions and whose continuous improvement and innovative solutions have driven results for both the customer and their organisation.

Environmental Awareness

This award will go to the organisation which has done the most to reduce the impact of pollution on the environment. The Environment Award winner will demonstrate leadership in efforts to reduce energy consumption, emissions, noise pollution and environmental impact.

Environmental Sustainability  

The Environmental Sustainability Award will go to the organisation or company which has demonstrated its commitment to protecting the environment by dedicating itself to reducing or eliminating processes which may have a deleterious effect upon the well-being of its fellow citizens.

IT Innovation

This award celebrates the IT industry’s ability to innovate and recognises ground-breaking technology, design and service across all sectors. The judges will look for technological innovation which has led to meaningful solutions for the automotive industry.  

Service Excellence

The award will go to the operator which has gone over and above normal service levels to deliver excellence within its operations for its customers. The Service Excellence Award recognises a company whose outstanding customer service and “can do” attitude sets it apart.

Product Innovation

This award is to recognise the brilliance of teamwork and partnership to execute a new idea, product or way of working, that sees tangible benefits for the industry and streamlines operations.

Supply Chain Solutions Award

This award is presented to a company which has shown improved efficiencies, whilst establishing the groundwork for the development of a much wider application.

Terminals and Ports Operator

This award recognises the port or auto terminal which has maintained the highest standards of operational efficiency and customer service throughout the year and can demonstrate exceptional innovation, improved efficiency or successful investment in port operations.

Road Carrier of the Year

The award will go to the road transport operator which has evidenced its ability to delivery excellence to its customers and best exemplifies how to provide the efficiency and service which the automotive industry requires. A company that demonstrates its reliability through its dedication to outstanding service, and innovation.

Aftermarket Parts Logistics

The aftermarket is a vital part of the automotive supply chain and an essential and on-going link between manufacturer and consumer. The award will go to the company which has done most to satisfy customer requirements while safeguarding profitability. The winner of this category will demonstrate the valuable partnerships between OEM and service provider to create positive customer value.

Vehicle Processing Centre

The award will go to the vehicle processing centre which has demonstrated a consistent standard of excellence in vehicle preparation and damage repair. This award is open to technical services providers who have demonstrated increased productivity, accuracy, traceability and contingency planning on behalf of their customers.

Logistics Quality

The Logistics Quality Award is open to logistics service providers and manufacturers who demonstrate investment in improving the quality standards throughout the automotive supply chain. This award is given to companies who are constantly seeking to improve the quality of the services provided and ensuring the final customer receives their vehicle on time and in perfect condition.

Shipping Company

The Shipping Company award will go to the maritime operator, either RoRo or container services, which has most successfully managed a difficult trading environment while meeting the needs and challenges of its customers and has demonstrated its reliability through dedication to outstanding service and innovation.

Rail Company

The Rail Company award will go to the rail operator, which has most successfully managed a difficult trading environment while meeting the needs and challenges of its customers and has demonstrated its reliability through dedication to outstanding service and efficiency.

Corporation of the Year

This award is designed to reward the company that has shown overall excellence in supply, performance, customer service and environmental awareness. The corporation will have demonstrated commitment to the automotive industry in the past year through development, investment, environmental awareness or achievement programmes and will have set itself as an industry benchmark standard and their organisation.

Leaders Award

Presented to individuals who encompass all the great attributes of leadership. Demonstrating excellence in their field, grasping the wider concepts of the industry and effectively leading their team/s to new heights. Outstanding individuals bringing significant benefits to their company. 

Rising Stars

Making waves within their field the rising stars have been recognised by their peers for their hard-working nature, fresh innovative thinking, the delivery of effective solutions and the value they bring to both their company and customers, demonstrating a star in the making.

Outstanding Achievement

This award honours an individual, who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in service to the automotive industry. The Outstanding Achievement Award recognises an individual that has, over the course of his or her career, contributed significantly to the industry and been a positive influencer not only to those with whom they collaborate, but also within the wider industry as a whole.