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2018 Winners

OEM of the Year


This award is voted for by readers of Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain magazine, our weekly news review and web sites. 

Rising Star

Richard Leonard, ARS Altmann UK

Richard Leonard is the Finance Director for ARS Altmann and a statutory Directory of DF Services (Kent) Limited. He is a CIMA qualified Accountant with 15 years experience in the vehicle logistics industry encompassing both transport and technical activities. 

Richard has experience in all aspects of management from Senior Management presentations to the day to day management of people and functions. To his Manager and his fellow Directors, he is the source of accurate information who will challenge operational activity until it becomes more efficient. 

Rising Star

Parham Antonio Vasaiely, Jaguar Land Rover

Parham Antonio Vasaiely is a senior business leader with over 10 years experience in complex systems and software product development. 

He is currently the Senior Manager in the Autonomous Vehicles and Self-Driving Car organisation at Jaguar Land Rover. In this role he is responsible for the development of the product as well as the recruitment efforts of highly skilled talents globally. 

With his dedication and people centric leadership style, Parham has supported Jaguar Land Rover to continue its journey to achieve engineering excellence, bringing the organisation into a strong position to deliver complex products and services in the future and to attract the world’s best talent. 

Terminals & Ports Operator

GBA Group of Companies

Building on their reputation for proven delivery of service quality as E2E logistics providers, and since winning the Terminal & Ports Operator Award in 2017 GBA have further enhanced this standing and delivered significant new and expanded operations for the world’s most demanding OEMs With the mobilisation of VWG’s 4th Port contingency, SDC redevelopment, JLR’s first step into UK Import Operations and the continued expansion of the GBA BMW Humber hub, in addition to supporting the MOD in partnered military stevedoring operations, it has been another busy and successful period for GBA. 

Now handling in excess of 2 million vehicles per annum, GBA continue to excel and drive for continuous improvement to ensure they are always the number one choice for the World’ OEM’s. 

Product Innovation

Degould Ltd.

Degould’s Auto-Booth, incorporating auto-imaging technology, provides digital evidence of a vehicle’s condition at every stage of its production and transportation, eliminating disputes over damage liability. 

Auto-Booth uses first-class controlled lighting and studio quality scans to achieve the sharpest images available with a takt time of just a few seconds. 

Auto-Booth is fully operational in manufacturing plants, ports, compounds and PDI centres, covering the end-to-end finished vehicle logistics supply chain. 

Degould Auto-Booth development, combined with the Vector Mapping App, represents a significant innovation in the automotive industry with a truly international reach. 

Shipping Company

Grimaldi Lines 

The Group has continued the strategy of expanding its maritime services as part of a plan to provide worldwide logistics with a strong maritime base. 

While building its own international network of port terminals, several strategic acquisitions and shareholdings in major shipping companies has strengthened its leading position in the Ro/Ro business. Building an extensive network of Motorways of the Sea, calling at more than 120 ports in the Mediterranean, Baltic regions, Northern Europe, West Africa, and North and South America. 

It has one of the youngest, most modern and environmentally friendly fleets in the world, it applies cutting-edge technology and substantial investment in training and education. 

Environmental Sustainability 

LKW Walter

The leadership and owners of LKW Walter have successfully demonstrated their commitment to building a better future by investing and operating to enable that cause. 

Since winning the Environmental Awareness Award in 2017 LKW WALTER has proven that their operating model, driven to enable huge scale full-truck-load transport, is fundamentally multi-modal and at the same time a very responsible contributor to Environmental Sustainability. 

The company has managed to steadily triple their CO2 reduction levels in the last 10 years and further develop technologies to support the environment. The impact, given the massive volumes they handle is making a measurable difference.  

Environmental Awareness


Under the Nissan electric eco-system the company has transformed its vision of a sustainable society into a short term business reality. 

In the last 12 months Nissan has launched the world first residential energy storage using 2nd life batteries, installed one of the largest European commercial storage solutions in the Ajax football stadium and launch the first vehicle to grid business, showing that the value of electric vehicle grid integration is real. 

Vehicle Processing Centre Awareness


GEFCO is refreshing its cultural approach and identity to reflect the Group’s commitment to go the extra mile for customers. 

Following the successful completion of Project Genesis GEFCO has grown its staff by four fold at the Portbury site, increased turnover by 100% and developed of a suite of technical services to support increased customer demand. 

As a critical Geo-gateway into the UK for GEFCO’s key customers, it was crucial that the transition involved in the Portbury project was managed efficiently. 

This has seen a significant return on investment and has enabled GEFCO to future-proof itself for growing demands and requirements and confirm its status as a leader in providing innovative, agile services to customers. 


Unipart Logistics with McLaren Automotive 

McLaren and Unipart set out to build an aftersales business by combining Unipart’s proven systems and supply chain expertise with McLaren’s innovation and customer focus. 

In 2017, McLaren and Unipart opened a local regional distribution centre in Mechanicsburg which has created a step change in customer service. It has now reduced turnaround times for the McLaren retailer from up to 8 days to a next day AM service.  

The launch of the McLaren North American Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) has been a complete success thanks to the determination and hard work put in by the Unipart teams on both sides of the water. 

IT Innovation

GBA Group of Companies 

GBA Technologies Ltd, the GBA Group’s new Innovation Arm, designed, delivered and implemented a record breaking number of new and exciting advancements. 

Continued significant investment has been made into enhancing GBA’s IT & IS integration and web capability, providing an increasingly customer-facing enabled platform.

Applied technology is at the heart of GBA’s commitment to continuous improvement. GBA have continued to develop a complete suite of core and complementary systems and programmes that offer customers the dependable, agile foundation required for a successful high volume logistics operation. 

Supply Chain Solution 

CHEP and Ford of Europe 

CHEP’s entry highlighted a process which was established with an Ford of Europe that can be extended significantly further. Both to OEMs and also further with the featured partner. 

The efficiency and improved utilisation has delivered excellent fossil fuel and disposable packaging savings by removing waste from the system. There are very valuable quality benefits that have combined to generate the scope of wider application in the form of the announced extension through the offer to tender for more international volume.  

Rail Company

ARS Altmann

Through high levels of commitment and innovation, this years winner has successfully reduced costs and increased their service levels to ensure customer satisfaction. 

ARS Altmann has worked closely with their customers to ensure awareness of all the issues surrounding the storage and transportation of vehicles. 

The benefits of this collaboration assist customers financially to minimise wasted journeys, maximise the number of vehicles carried on each train and reduce carbon emissions. 

Through training and further education the company encourages innovative ideas to achieve maximum utilisation. 

Third Party Logistics Company


TNT’s services support OEMs and tier suppliers to better control and reduce costs, improve inbound supply performance and reduce operating risks while improving output. Key requirements of the solution were leverage, flexibility, control, visibility, and IT infrastructure. 

Through a simplified transportation process TNT has evidenced strategic support to deliver clear improvements in supply chain performance as a specialist in critical, complex supply chain segments. 

Road Carrier of the Year


BCA Automotive have continue to raise the benchmark in automotive transport, since winning the Carrier of the Year award last year they have continued to build more efficiency by leveraging and investing in technology, people and fleet to its fullest extent. 

This is delivering further quantifiable benefits to its customers. The business is continuing to evolve and the last 12 months is further proof of its desire to continue to reshape its service for the benefit of customers and staff. 

The innovation delivered exemplifies a best practice automotive transport operation that is highly efficient, reliable and delivers tangible service improvement year on year through innovation and investment. 

Apprenticeship Programme

Grainger and Worrall

Grainger and Worrall are a 72-year-old family business with technological heritage to deliver the world’s best low volume high integrity machined castings. 

Recognising the future skills needs, G&W has developed a consortium of businesses to deliver a training facility the “Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology” to ensure skills are available to expand in both scale and scope, for itself, the supply chain, and the broader engineering community. 

The MCMT is a £4.5m facility, with latest generation of equipment coupled to old-school technical training. The mantra of “grow your own and keep your own” is key to Grainger & Worrall. 

Service Excellence

Priority Freight

The company has built an excellent reputation for providing exemplary customer care; constantly going the ‘extra mile’ in its dedication to providing an unbeatable service, with an on-time delivery rate of 99.6%. 

There is a clear and unmistakable ‘customer first’ culture that runs throughout the whole organisation with its staff recognised as its biggest asset. 

Priority Freight has experienced sustained growth in both revenue and gross profit over the last 6 years, with the company’s specialists continuing to deliver service excellence on a daily basis with their commitment to getting it right first time every time.  

Logistics Quality


Following on from their third consecutive Logistics Quality Award win in the US, AMPORTS is one of the largest auto processors in North America, with multiple locations in the United States and Mexico.  

Being innovative enables AMPORTS to meet their customers’ needs helping them with whatever their challenge. 

The recent projects highlighted in AMPORTS’s entry benefit their customers by providing service and quality while adding land to meet their growing demands for distribution.  

Whether a special project, adding a new building for processing, or upgrading an existing building, AMPORTS is a company that is customer, service, and quality driven. 

The Award was collected by Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain Magazine Editor, Simon Duval Smith on behalf of AMPORTS.

Leaders Award

Francisco Carranza, Nissan

This award goes to a gentleman who has contributed to the start of operations of some of the new business opportunities that will be key in the future of automotive companies. 

From car-sharing and connected services to being the managing director of the his company’s energy division, he is an important contributor to his company’s evolution from a traditional automotive company to a mobility and energy technology company. 

Francisco's main achievement is the transformation of the sustainable electric eco-system vision into a business reality. He is part of a new generation of leaders that manage innovation and drive change putting OEMs out of their comfort zone. 

Leader Award

Bill Pawluk, Convertible Concepts Corporation   

This award goes to a man who developed the concept and the first model of the Convertible Trailer. 

It started as a small transportation company in the 90’s out of Calgary, Alberta, and after several years of research, development and industry education, it has grown enormously. 

Through his leadership the vision of his company is to improve automotive and freight logistics practices around the world to service the transportation industry on a global scale. 

He works towards creating an environment and atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation within the transportation and logistics industries. 

Corporation of the Year

Grimaldi Group

With experience dating back to 1947, the Grimaldi Group is a multinational logistics Group specialised in the operation of ro-ro vessels, car carriers and ferries employing a staff of 15,000. 

2018 has seen the construction of 19 state-of-the-art ro-ro vessels and 6 vessels for the mixed transport of freight and passengers brought into service. 

The Group’s firm commitment to shipping decarbonisation will see 12 state-of-the-art greenships join the fleet in the next few years with innovative lithium batteries reducing polluting emissions in ports to zero. 

These will be the new flagships of the world fleet for freight transport, due to their size and technological equipment. Alongside new ship investment is a green retrofit of the whole Grimaldi fleet, with the application of coats of eco-compatible silicon paints, the review of propulsion systems and the installation of scrubber systems. 

The Grimaldi Group continues to pursue its strategy of enhancement of services to the world’s major car manufacturers with the construction of new port terminals and parking areas for vehicles; the installation of solar panels and wind turbines in several terminals of the Group. 

Outstanding Achievement

Avril Palmer-Baunack 

Avril is currently Executive Chairman of BCA, which owns We Buy Any Car among many other enterprises. 

She has over 20 years executive experience throughout the UK automotive industry, with experience in companies engaged in vehicle salvage, car sales and hire, auctions, transportation, distribution, logistics, vehicle processing and infrastructure. 

Avril had her first experience of full-time work in our industry at a car rental desk in Kennington, South London, where she found an affinity for selling and ‘how it was all about up-selling everything’.  

She has gone on to oversee some extremely high value deals in the industry, including the purchase of BCA from its private-equity owners, one of many moves which she has describes as all part of her strategy “to drive growth along the automotive value chain”.  

Avril has described BCA as ‘the Amazon of cars, saying: “We do it all. People can buy physically or digitally, pick the cars up or have them delivered.” She is certainly an Amazon of automotive and we are delighted to honour her great contribution to the automotive value and supply chain. 

The award was collected by BCA Chief Financial Officer, Tim Lampert on behalf of Avril Palmer-Baunack.

2017 Winners

Logistics Quality

GBA Group

Reflecting the holistic nature of the energy and commitment needed to succeed in the demanding sphere that is the modern automotive industry, some companies and individuals won more than one award. One of these was GBA Group and their award for Logistics Quality was presented by James Sadlier, a Director at this award’s sponsor, Sevatas. Sadlier commended GBA’s entry, “GBA have focused on the ‘coal face’ elements of their business recognising the close association between pipeline quality and the risk primarily being the touching of the vehicle. Ensuring compliance and improving quality through training, checking, ownership and incentive delivered positive results.”

Third Party Logistics Award


The Third Party Logistics Award was won by Agility, the judges recognising the company’s success with its contract with tier supplier Bosch, as Colm McAlinden, COO told us: “The Bosch contract has been tremendously influential in our success. We won a three year warehousing contract, establishing a Bosch Sea Freight Consolidation Centre Europe at our warehouse in Stuttgart and we now consolidate 600 orders a month and ship to eight Bosch plants across the US, Brazil, and China. We have saved Bosch more than 10% in costs, through implementing our technology and innovation, combined with our supply chain skills.”

Vehicle processing


The award for Vehicle Processing Centre went to GEFCO, recognising its efforts in working with carmaker PSA. In 2017, GEFCO signed a new €8 billion exclusivity agreement to manage and optimise PSA’s global manufacturing supply chain. The project has been a showcase of GEFCO’s ability to manage complex work on a large scale. This has been achieved by employing skilled, experienced fitters and by the implementation of specialist, built-to-task workshops. Investment in technology and equipment have ensured that the team can manage complexity and deliver best in class service for its growing client base.

IT Innovation

Sovereign Business Integration Group

With connected distribution and IT integration becoming ever more important as vehicles’ own connectivity is becoming integrated into OEMs’ overall logistics ‘intelligence’, so the development of sophisticated IT solutions has started to come to the fore in the industry. This was reflected in the award for IT Innovation, given to Sovereign Business Integration Group. Richard Barker, CEO commented: “We are delighted to receive this award, which is a confirmation of our efforts to provide innovative software for distribution solutions as well as enabling the improved management of our customers’ inventory. Our successful contracts with Suzuki and other OEMs are proof of our skills in this challenging area.”

Carrier of the Year Award

BCA Automotive

The Carrier of the Year Award was a hard-fought category, with strong entries from ARS Altmann, BCA Automotive and Carlson Vehicle Transfer. The judges were impressed by BCA Automotive’s strong growth in the automotive sector and how it set out to deliver a unique, complete automotive logistics service solution that delivers efficiency, flexibility and capacity. Traditionally, transport service providers have operated within their specific niche service; new, used or auction. BCA has grasped the opportunity to optimise movements by expanding into all sectors to achieve improved service levels. The company’s solution has created the largest fully-integrated fleet of transporters in the UK and is setting new industry standards with a customer‐first ethos. Commenting on the award and the company's progress, Nigel Glenn, managing director of BCA Automotive said: "We have worked hard to shape a market-leading solution that provides our customers with value and service quality. Our strategic review of the long-term trends in the sector led to investment in both people and vehicles to ensure we continue to support the industry going forward. It is great to see the hard work of the team and the fantastic service they provide recognised with this award."

Product Innovation Award

OEC (formerly Clifford Thames)

Managing an OEM’s ‘parts book’ is an enormous challenge, due to the rapidly-changing catalogue of components and systems. Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is ramping up its product offering faster than most OEMs and OEC (formerly Clifford Thames) was awarded the Product Innovation Award for using its heritage and industry expertise in information management to deliver the next generation electronic parts catalogue to the JLR global retail network. Adopting new methodologies and with close collaboration with JLR retailers, in less than nine months the OEC team delivered a transformational product providing retailers with a single global web based EPC, with enhanced functions, navigation and search providing for greater accuracy in parts identification. "We are extremely honoured to win this distinguished award," remarked Chuck Rotuno, OEC Chairman & CEO. "It's a testament to the outstanding efforts of a dedicated team of professionals who care a great deal about making their solutions the absolute best in the industry."

Aftermarket Parts Logistics


With the increasing complexity of vehicles, and the concomitant demands on the service parts and overall aftermarket supply chain, the Aftermarket Parts Logistics Award was a hard-fought category and it went to TNT, for its work in raising efficiency and improving customer service, through increased first repair results, reduced inventory levels, reduced vendor management costs and increased supplier to dealer order visibility using integrated IT solutions for booking and track & trace shipments. Collecting the award, John Willems, Industry Marketing Director Automotive at TNT International Express Europe, said: “We started to really focus on the aftermarket three years ago and this year we have concentrated delivering to outlets before 8.00 a.m. as the last mile has been the traditional bottleneck and integrating this ‘early mornings’ strategy to our service to our global OEM customers’ has paid off in increased efficiency and it is also better for the environment in lower carbon emissions as we can transport at less congested times.”

Service Excellence Award

ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) 

The UK finished vehicle logistics industry is fast paced and highly volatile, combining the challenges of a supply chain with factors such as congested routes and constant demands for flexibility and high standards of customer service. The judges awarded the Service Excellence Award to ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) in recognition of how it has organised its operating processes and fostered a culture that yields a substantial degree of operational flexibility. Allen Stuart, Commercial and Finance Director at ECM said he felt that investment in people as well as infrastructure was the key element in winning the award: “We continuously invest in our people as well as our truck and transporter fleet together with IT. This, together with our dedication to our customers has proved to be a winning combination!”

Environmental Awareness

LKW Walter

The award for Environmental Awareness went to LKW Walter for its implementation of a significant environmental mode/method change. The judges commented: "The switch from a road-only to a predominantly rail and sea alternative has very positive impacts on fossil fuel use, emissions through eliminated road movements and reduced congestion. The doubling of intermodal transport from 35% to 70% on the route between Spain/Portugal and the UK is very significant given the route volume and the back-up insurance of alternative by road is a strong customer protection." On receiving the award, Jordi Jove Farrando, Director, LKW WALTER said: "Finding ways to reduce our carbon footprint is not always easy but together with our rail and short sea shipping partners we have managed to save more than 5,000 tons of CO2 a week across our entire intermodal network."

Environmental Sustainability 

CHEP and Endurance Technologies

The award for Environmental Sustainability went to CHEP and Endurance Technologies for its efforts in net transportation reduction, elimination of re-handling and it use of durable instead of expendable packaging.

Apprenticeship Programme Award

DAF Trucks

The Apprenticeship Programme Award was presented to the company who the judges decided is offering the most comprehensive, exciting and beneficial apprenticeship programme. The award was presented to DAF Trucks, whose commercial vehicle training scheme is regarded as the industry benchmark. DAF Trucks has trained 1,700 apprentices since its inception in 1995. 20% of DAF technicians were trained through the programme and 25% of all DAF Master Technicians are ex DAF apprentices. At the heart of its success is the UK’s biggest and best equipped network of over 130 dealerships nationwide offering servicing, repair and maintenance.

OEM of the Year

Jaguar Land Rover

Voted for by readers of Automotive Purchasing & Supply Chain magazine, the OEM of the Year Award was won by Jaguar Land Rover and accepted by Head of Global Vehicle Distribution, Gareth Williams, who said: "I am really honoured to accept this award on behalf of all my colleagues at JLR. Without the great teams we have in every part of the company, from design right through to manufacturing and logistics, none of our great progress would have been possible. This recognition, from colleagues in one of the toughest parts of the whole automotive industry – purchasing and supply chain - is a wonderful confirmation of the hard work of everyone at Jaguar Land Rover."

Leaders Awards

These awards are presented to individuals who have demonstrated excellence in their field and have grasped the wider concepts of the industry and have brought significant innovation to their company.

George Kavvadas

The first winner was George Kavvadas, Managing Director of Mediterranean Car Carriers Line (MCCL) who said: "I am very honoured to accept this award, it is a great testament to the care that that we at MCCL take of our customers and how that has paid off."

John Stocker

Next up was John Stocker, Commercial Director at GEFCO UK. He thanked the judges and said: "I've been really lucky to have worked with tremendous people over the course of my career. I can only hope that in my position as a leader I can help the wonderful young people in our company to become the leaders of tomorrow."

Gareth Williams

Gareth Williams of Jaguar Land Rover was on the podium again to collect his award and said: “I am really touched to have been given this award, and for the kind comments from David Dyke, my Director. I just hope that I can continue to repay the faith that all my colleagues have had in me."

Howard Nash

Howard Nash, Managing Director of ARS Altmann UK was up next and said: “I am delighted with this award and I must mention Jonathan Glynn of ARS Altmann who has been one of many people in the company who have contributed to this recognition - we have a great team!"

Judith Richardson

Judith Richardson, Vice President Purchasing - Nissan Europe rounded off the Leaders Awards and said: “I am accepting this award not just for me but for the whole Nissan purchasing and supply chain team and for the wider team in the Renault Nissan Purchasing Organisation. They have all contributed to my, and the company's, outstanding successes over the years."

Corporation of the Year


GEFCO collected another accolade in this category; automotive logistics is at the core of GEFCO’s expertise and the company has been cultivating this area of operations for more than 65 years. In 2016, GEFCO signed major agreements with Renault Nissan, Audi, Toyota, BMW, Talgo and PSA Group. Its commitment to adding value at each stage of its customer’s supply chain led to a €4.2 billion turnover, representing an increase of 1.3% compared to the same period in 2015.

Captain Stephen Bland of GBA accepted the Outstanding Achievement Award on behalf of Captain Sam Judah MBE

Outstanding Achievement Award

Captain Sam Judah

The final award of the evening was for an individual who the judges had decided had made a major long term contribution to the industry. The award went to Captain Sam Judah. Judah devoted 17 years of his life at sea and most of his working life in the ports and terminals industry, in 2009 he was honoured with an MBE for services to business. This year, GBA Group celebrated 30 years of achievement in the automotive logistics industry.The award was accepted on Judah’s behalf by Captain Stephen Bland of GBA, who said: “This award will mean a great deal to Sam, and he would be the first to thank all his team for making this happen."The event then moved on to an excellent dinner and lively discussion between the attendees, rounding off what was a very special gathering of the finest in today’s automotive industry.

2016 Winners

The Outstanding Achievement Award

John Neill CBE

The Outstanding Achievement Award, sponsored by Make it Sunderland, was the last of 18 awards presented throughout the evening and went to Unipart Group’s Chairman and Group Chief Executive John Neill CBE. In 1974, Neill joined Unipart, the parts and service division of the state-owned British Leyland. By 1987, he headed up a management buyout from the British Leyland conglomerate.

Determined to set a path of change, Neill moved the business on, not only culturally but also in its development of new logistics services for competitor companies. Through this change, the company developed a philosophy known as “The Unipart Way” and through this new identity has extended from its roots in manufacturing, into other sectors including supply chain consultancy. Today the group employs over 7,000 across 40 UK and 15 overseas sites and includes some of Britain’s most prestigious names on its client list.  

Under Neill’s guidance, Unipart Group has built trust, remained flexible and adaptable to change by listening to its customers’ needs and responding to their markets as they evolved.  

Neill has also held a variety of Directorships both within the automotive industry and in non-executive posts at the Bank of England and Royal Mail and in 1994, he was awarded a CBE for his services to industry.

“It is an honour to receive an award from my peers in such a fantastic industry. I've spent my life in this industry, which has a wonderful history with an incredibly exciting future ahead. But, in truth, awards like this should never go to the individual, they should go to the people of the Unipart Group, so I would like to receive this award on behalf of them. The only way that the company can achieve results like this is because of what the men and women at our company do every hour of every day. It's got everything to do with them. I wish they could all be here to receive this award with me, so I would like to dedicate this award to them.” Neill said upon receiving the award.

Most Supportive OEM

KIA Motors

The Award for the Most Supportive OEM, voted for by the global readership of Automotive Purchasing and Supply Chain Magazine was sponsored by Priority Freight. The Award was won by KIA Motors and accepted by Awais Ajmal, Kia’s UK Head of Supply Chain & Business Process, who expressed his company’s gratitude and appreciation. “We are very pleased and proud to have got this award, it is an affirmation of our corporate values of collaboration and the respect we have for our supply chain partners.”

Shipping Company


The Shipping Company Award went to MCCL, honouring the company’s flexibility and its determination to perform in accordance with its customers' requirements and its excellent understanding of the automotive sector. MCCL has rapidly increased its tonnage to meet customer demand and has adopted innovative ideas, such as the 'door/door' service, combining and cooperating with the entire transportation chain. MCCL is a shipping company which was founded in 1995 by George Kavadas. Over the years, the company’s image has been strengthened and promoted through their efficient and flexible service and effective solutions and personal interfacing of the founder himself in the customer service.MCCL’s fleet consists of pure car-carrier and Ro-Ro, owned and chartered vessels. Owning an ideal and efficient size of tonnage, smaller ports can be approached, even with small quantities of cargoes, maintaining the competitive freight.MCCL is proven to be flexible and precise for on time delivery and on-time arrival of ships. Faced with several challenges MCCL has provided an eminent service, for example where the company has provided vessels for ramp-to-ramp operations. MCCL has proven to be a partner who is flexible and solution orientated.

The Award was received by MCCL Founder and CEO, George Kavadas, who said: “The award affirms the success we have seen through our policy of taking great care of customers. We are not as big as some shipping companies which means we can foster more personal relationships with our clients.”

Apprenticeship Programme

Groupe CAT

The Award for Apprenticeship Programme went to Groupe CAT who provide logistics and value-added services for OEMs. Groupe CAT’s business is built on two pillars, quality and people. Its programme is designed to build the ‘best in the business’, through hands-on experience, working with their future, and with the industry's future in mind, instilling a strong work ethic in a fast-paced, quality driven environment.

Alex Galinski, who has recently completed his three year body shop apprenticeship in vehicle accident repair, was nominated to represent Groupe CAT’s customer BMW in the Babcock Apprentice of the Year competition. Alex won the contest and as a result, BMW Academy plan to register him for the IMI Skills Auto Competition run by the Institute of the Motor Industry. Alex attended the event and collected the award with Stuart Warren, Groupe CAT’s UK Managing Director who said upon receiving the award: “This is a great recognition of our investment in people, for the future of Groupe CAT and for the future of the whole industry.”

Rising Star Supply Chain

Barbara Koncewicz

The Award for Rising Star Supply Chain was won by Adampol SA’s Commercial Director, Barbara Koncewicz. Since starting with Adampol 22 years ago, the Rising Star Supply Chain winner built her career by learning all aspects of her company’s business, accountancy, taxes, customs procedures and legal regulations. Looking for optimisation of processes and logistics of new projects she has been instrumental in shaping her company from a transport and shipping company into an organisation that provides a full range of supply chain services across Eurasia. “I've been working in many departments of Adampol and I think this has given me a broad view of the logistics business. I'm delighted to win this award as I think it helps to show that communication is key in logistics and I think the award is a strong testament to this,” said Koncewicz. 

Rising Star Logistics

Paul Allen

The Rising Star Logistics Award went to Paul Allen, Distribution Manager of Bentley Motors Ltd. Allen was announced as winner of this category for his exceptional international supply chain and production management skills with a dedicated commitment to company success and employee development. He is a key contributor to the corporate bottom line and business development and is especially effective at developing consensus among key stakeholders and effectively translating corporate aspirations into action. Deliveries of Bentley’s luxury SUV, the Bentayga, in which Paul was extensively involved started in January 2016 and was part of an £840 million investment programme into the Crewe facility. On winning the award, he commented: “It is great to be recognised by peers in an industry that I love. At Bentley our biggest driver is quality but this has to backed up with on-time every-time delivery of parts in and vehicles out.”


Logistics Quality

The Award for Logistics Quality was presented in association with Sevatas and won by STVA UK. Presenting the Award on behalf of Sevatas was Automotive Operations & Quality Manager, James Sadlier. STVA took this award for the broadness of its Project Opti approach. The unifying approach to aggregation of marginal gains was impressive, learning from Olympic training with measurable results. The submissions for this award came from across Europe and reflected the focus and dedication of the automotive sector to constantly improving the quality of the services provided, and to ensuring the final customer receives their vehicle on time and in perfect condition. “It is clear that the sector is responding to clients’ need for damage free deliveries and the provision of excellent customer service.” Sadlier commented.Ian Brown, STVA UK Managing Director added: “We are thrilled to receive the award on behalf of all our team, who have worked so hard on our new business development programme since 2015.”

Terminals and Ports Operator

Port of Zeebrugge

The Terminals and Ports Operator Award went to the Port of Zeebrugge who was selected for its ability to handle a record volume of vehicles in 2015. The integration of logistics within the port has been ongoing for many years and this process is being further developed. The Port Authority expects to see a third more vehicles being handled at the port in the short term, with longer term automotive business increasing to around a million more units than at present. This goes hand-in-hand with Zeebrugge’s progress towards becoming a ‘smart’ port. The previous huge volume of paper documents and stamps has been replaced by a paperless track and trace system which identifies, among other things, who is arriving to unload or load cargo thereby saving customers a great deal of time. The award was received by Vincent de Saedeler who said: “this award isn't just for us, but the entire port industry.”

IT Innovation

HNF Consultancy

The Award for IT Innovation was won by HNF Consultancy who demonstrated technological innovation which has led to a meaningful solution for the automotive industry. HNF’s Noel Hanafin collected the award and explained how IT innovation had helped them to meet and exceed their customers’ expectations whilst also making great efficiencies within the company. “We are truly honoured to win this award. It tops offs what has been a fantastic year for HNF and is a great reward for the hard work of our highly innovative team,” he said.HNF has been designing vehicle delivery software in conjunction with driver mobile applications for more than 12 years for the single and multi-transport carrier markets, its culture is one of innovation, collaboration and the pursuit of excellence.By developing E-360, a seamless 360° electronic process for its clients and their customers, along with other modules, HNF has been able to cut the costs of development modules year on year. HNF’s customers can give their clients web access to their individual customer portals to see live updates of jobs as they happen. This also lets them know what is due into their different hubs and when. The online system uses the latest web technologies which enable HNF to provide dynamic, user friendly web functionality and interfaces. All HNF software is built in-house and it continues to employ the best talent to achieve its ongoing innovative projects.

Environmental Awareness


The Award for Environmental Awareness was scooped by Pritex who were selected for their ability to reduce waste-to-landfill by 12% and increased trailer utilisation from a key supplier by 16.6%. Recognising that raw material suppliers were leaving its site with empty trailers after making their deliveries, the company worked closely with a supplier to develop a recycling process for waste fibre generated during processing at Pritex. The supplier then utilised its empty trailers to transport the waste fibre it purchased from Pritex back to its own site for recycling. The recycled material was then sold/supplied back to their sister company within the Steinhoff Group for use in mattress manufacturing. 

This project is an excellent example of how a desire to improve environmental performance can cascade through an organisations supply chain to increase competitiveness and benefit all stakeholders, customers, suppliers and the manufacturer/service provider. The process of continuous improvement is ongoing, with new opportunities being identified to further reduce Pritex’s carbon footprint. Collecting the award, Gareth Jones, Managing Director at Pritex said: “Absolutely delighted to win this award. It shows the success of our business model: how we can develop a sustainable footprint and make waste profitable.” 

Third PartyLogistics Company


The Third Party Logistics Company Award went for the second consecutive year to Agility, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with a global footprint. Agility faced tough competition from fellow nominees Unipart Logistics with Jaguar Land Rover, and Priority Freight but their entry highlighted their ability to bring efficiency to supply chains in some of the globe’s most challenging environments, offering unmatched personal service, a global footprint and customised capabilities in developed and developing economies alike.

Agility’s entry highlighted a very tight timeline from concept to roll out of the new facilities – just 120 days – and a dedicated team was formed to communicate with government authorities, vendors/partners and land developers. In what may also be a first for a logistics service partner in India, Agility were able to establish a dedicated public bonded warehouse within its premises that now offers immense flexibility for value added services to its customer.

Agility not only successfully upgraded its warehousing capacity by a factor of more than nine in a record time of 120 days but also built a supply chain efficient enough to deliver its customers’ spare parts anywhere in India within 24 hours.Accepting the Award, Agility’s Vice President Global Marketing, Toby Edwards, told of their delight at winning. Edwards said: “We are very proud to have this award. The award really goes to all the people in Agility who put the customer first every time, and work so hard to help them meet and beat the challenges of this great industry.”

Product Innovation

CHEP & Eberspächer

The Award for Product Innovation was won by CHEP & Eberspächer for their collaborative work in developing an innovative system that significantly optimises the intercontinental logistics of Eberspächer by exploiting CHEP pooling advantages with respect to sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

The reusable IcoQube, specially developed for these tasks, replaces disposable packaging and is already showing significant success on the first implemented routes. On the basis of the positive results in the first year, the system is being transferred gradually to further routes, and suppliers are also being incorporated into the process chain. 

This automotive reusable packaging solution is a best-in-class example of how the world is learning about the power of sharing – and reaping the rewards through reductions in the total cost of ownership. The Award was received by CHEP’s European Vice President, David Mayo who said: “What this award shows is that the reality of sharing pays off. Not only in the sense of financial benefits, but in the level of mutual understanding and developing the capabilities to grow together. This spreads beyond us, affecting the entire supply chain, which gives us the opportunity to continue to share with other companies in the world.” He was joined by Eberspächer’s Oliver Hermes who added: “The award is a great achievement for both of our companies. We are the first global customer with intercontinental returnable packaging for CHEP, and for us it is now very important to launch the programme on a global scale, not just with us but with major OEMs.”

Vehicle Processing Centre


The Award for Vehicle Processing Centre was presented to Paragon for their operations at the Kia Distribution Centre. This is a purpose-built facility that uses the latest technologies in the market and is located close to Immingham port for storage and processing of Kia’s new and used vehicles destined for the UK market. The centre includes the first implementation of RFID in the automotive sector for efficient compound management, and a new secure tarmac storage area. 

Deployment of RFID has added value to the supply chain, providing real-time vehicle locations, data visibility, efficiency and transparency and has reduced processing time by half a day, with vehicles being automatically categorised on arrival. Efficient site design coupled with RFID has reduced processing and vehicle availability to logistics to one day versus an SLA of three days. Vehicle progression is tracked via iSight; an interactive platform, providing Kia with complete transparency of processes at all times.

A truly collaborative approach was adopted, with Kia providing extensive historical and long term forecast data, along with technical and product support, ensuring Paragon had the necessary information to deliver the optimum facility. This team approach has instilled a vibrant ‘can do’ culture. Paragon’s Group Sales & Marketing Director, Mark Hindley said: “We are extremely pleased to receive this award. I think it is great recognition of what we have been trying to achieve in the last few years and it is really nice to be here tonight to accept it.”

Carrier of the Year

ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd.

The Carrier of the Year Award was won by ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd. Owning and operating a fleet of 501 car transporters from a strategic network of 18 operating centres, and managing an additional subcontract fleet of 160 transporters during seasonal peaks, ECM delivers in excess of 1.3 million vehicles per annum to over 3,500 customer consignee addresses spread throughout the UK.

ECM has invested heavily to support the growing market, the primary benefit being flexibility and surety of service during a period of exceptional and unrelenting volume growth. This is evident by ECM’s average delivery on-time KPI of more than 97%, and transit damage of less than 0.5%.

Despite ongoing challenges with UK driver shortages, ECM successfully increased its driver headcount by 39 drivers (+8%) during the previous 12 months. Over the growth period 2011–2016, ECM increased its driver headcount by +48%, from 380 drivers in January 2011 to 560 in August 2016.The ‘Recruit Retain & Respect Programme’ was designed to make ECM the most attractive job prospect for both existing and aspiring car transporter drivers. The results of this policy are evident as ECM has one of the lowest driver turnover rates in UK and is further enhanced by ECM’s strategic approach through the creation of a DCPC training course that is bespoke to UK finished vehicle logistics.ECM’s John Hope, General Services Director, collected the award and explained how their innovation had helped the car carrier to meet and exceed his customers’ expectations whilst also making great efficiencies within the company. “I am thankful for all the hard work that everyone has put in at ECM. There have been some great innovations this year, particularly with training. We are going to proudly take this award back to Carlisle to let them know how we have done,” Hope said.

Aftermarket Parts Logistics


TNT was the winner of the Aftermarket Parts Logistics Award. Following extensive interviews with its customers, TNT has developed new solutions for the industry. In the age of the ‘connected car,’ and as new OEMs enter the market, different commercial structures are being adopted with their service centres. In turn this has required TNT to adapt its service offering to support a direct dealer to dealer inventory network.

TNT’s road network provides a cost effective replenishment service with integrated web-based communications. This leads to full order-to-fulfilment visibility for service centres to support workshop productivity and class-leading road transit times to support cost effective inventory replenishment.TNT’s John Willems commented: “I appreciate all of the hard work that has been put in from our aftermarket logistics team. TNT has focused on providing industry service propositions through solutions such as on-time deliveries to replenish our dealers, whilst being cost effective. We are really pleased and honoured to receive this award.”

Supply Chain Executive

Ingar Skiaker

The Award for Supply Chain Executive went to Ingar Skiaker, CEO of Höegh Autoliners. He was announced as the winner of this category for his excellence in driving transformational business change, having identified significant and continuous improvements in cost, service and risk. Christian Hall collected the award on his behalf.

Joining Höegh in 1981 he has held various commercial and operational positions in the company, ultimately becoming CEO in 2011. Höegh Autoliners recorded a 4% increase in volumes carried in 2015 compared to the year before, despite modest growth in global car sales of 1.7% year-on-year. The improved results were boosted by the addition of two 8,500 car equivalent unit Pure Car and Truck Carriers to the fleet, and the company’s branching out into the terminal management business through the establishment of a fully owned terminal management company, Horizon Terminal Services LLC, in the USA. 

Through his leadership and vision, Höegh has seen growth in its fleet and business, expansion of its trading lanes, new joint partnerships and agreed charter arrangements. 


Costantino Baldissara

The Logistician Award was picked up by Costantino Baldissara, Commercial, Logistics and Operations Director of Grimaldi Group. In addition he supervises several departments that deal with issues such as lines, damage prevention, external relations and research. He has been CEO of Grimaldi & Suardiaz S.p.a. and board member of Trive Spain and Portugal, while he is currently Chairman of SAL, Scandinavian Auto Logistics (Denmark), Chairman of Automar SpA, Chairman of Ghianda Srl, Deputy Chairman of PET (Palermo Euro Terminal), Deputy Chairman of Auto Terminal Gioia Tauro SpA, CEO of Sintermar SpA, CEO of COIFI srl, Board Member of Autuori Srl, Board Member of Brucato Deta Srl, and board member of SAT- Salerno Auto Terminal. Notably, he is also Co-Chairman of the General Motors Europe Logistics Supplier Council, and has been member of General Motors Global Logistics Council. He is Past President of the Association of European Vehicle Logistics (ECG) and oversaw one of the most challenging times for the finished vehicle carrier industry and automotive sector as a whole. “To have success, you must believe in what you are doing. You should be patient, you should work with a team, and then everything is much easier when you put it all together. When you work for a great brand like Grimaldi, it is easier to succeed. In the future, we will continue to meet the expectations of our clients and our owners. Everyday is new, there is always something more that we can do, and working like this is the only way to achieve the trust of our clients,” said Baldissara.

2015 Winners

Apprenticeship Programme

ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH &Co.KG.

The Award for Apprenticeship Programme went to ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH & Co.KG. who supply and support all tiers of the automotive and transportation industries from OEM’s directly throughout the entire supply chain.The Energy Scouts project challenged apprentices at ebm-papst to look at ways to save energy throughout their facilities as part of their GreenTech environmental policy. More than one million euros of savings have been now been made by the 40 ebmpapst Energy Scouts.

Accepting the Award, ebm-pabst Managing Director Gareth Jones said: ‘This project demonstrates that clearly focused environmental awareness can improve competitiveness for an organisation whilst supporting the responsible development of our next generation.’

Rising Star Supply Chain

Alex Meza

The Award for Rising Star Supply Chain was won by Alex Meza, Chief Commercial Officer of Jack Cooper Holdings. Meza is responsible for managing his company’s top line growth initiatives and has been in the international finished vehicle logistics industry for over 18 years. He was formerly the Managing Director for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics Mexico and prior to that, Managing Director at Amports Mexico.“I am deeply honoured to receive this prestigious award,” said Meza. “I would like to thank Peter Wooding and his team for putting together this fantastic event. I would also like to thank Mike Riggs, Sarah Amico and the entire Riggs family, owners of Jack Cooper, for the opportunity they have afforded me to be a part of their family.”

Rising Star Logistics

Neal Williams

The Award for Rising Star Logistics wentto Neal Williams, Group Managing Director of Priority Freight Ltd. who has steered his company to sustained growth and over the last two years has seen a significant upward trend The company has built a reputation for consistently providing an efficient,reliable and cost-effective service across international borders. “I am greatly honoured to receive this Award and would like to pay tribute to all my colleagues at Priority Freight without whose efforts it would not have been possible,” he said.

Logistics Quality

Groupe CAT and Jaguar LandRover 

The Award for Logistics Quality was presented in association with Sevatas and won jointly by Groupe CAT and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR). Presenting the Award, Sevatas Director Matt Holmes said: “The submissions for this award came from across Europe and reflected the focus and dedication of oursector to constantly improving the quality of the services provided, and to ensuring the final customer receives their vehicle ontime and in perfect condition.

Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Material Planning & Logistics Director David Dyke said: “This is outstanding and very good recognition for the partners that we trust and work with.”  

Stuart Warren, Groupe CAT’s UK Managing Director said: “It is an excellent feeling to have won the Logistics Quality Award especially as a joint effort with our customer Jaguar Land Rover. We recognise that working together with a client is one way, perhaps the main way, of improving the quality of our services.”  

IT Innovation

ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd. 

The Award for IT Innovation was won by ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd. ECM delivers in excess of 1.2 million cars a year to over 3500 customer consignee addresses spread throughout the UK.

ECM’s Chairman Ray MacDowall collected the award and explained how IT innovation had helped the car carrier to meet and exceed his customers’ expectations whilst also making great efficiencies within the company: “This award is a great recognition of the investment we have made, in more than 17 IT solutions, to help us stay ahead of the competition. Our IT systems help us to deliver the best service to our customers,on time every time but they also help to ensure we are running our trucks fully loaded as much as possible, and getting better fuel economy by monitoring and improving routes and driving habits. IT takes a while to pay off; some of the systems we implemented five years ago are only now starting to show returns but that is the nature of the investment.”

Third Party Logistics Company


The Third Party Logistics Company Award went to Agility, one of the world’s leading providers of integrated logistics with a global footprint.Agility’s case study centered on upgrading the complex supply chain of a leading OEM to achieve better visibility to its manufacturing and assembly plants worldwide, a reliable flow of parts from suppliers in multiple Asian locations andfaster door-to-door transit times.  

Agility’s Mohammed Esa, Chief Commercial Officer, told the audience of their delight at winning.Esa said: “We are honoured to be recognised as a leading supplier of solutions in our field. This award belongs to the hundreds of team members, working in many areas, from IT to operations, all over the world.”

Environmental Awareness 

CNH Industrial

The Award for Environmental Awareness was received by Fabrizio Sanna, Head of EMEA Inbound Logistics at CNH Industrial who said: “This is a great recognition of the efforts of our intermodal solution initiatives.We have worked hard to move from road transport to a much more maritime-based system. This has helped us reduce the CO2 footprint of every vehicle and machine we make in Spain, by 190 kilogrammes. Our next step is to move to liquefied natural gas for all of our Iveco truck engines. “Our cooperation with Grimaldi has been key; they have added and fine-tuned the frequency of available shipping capacity and increased it where necessary, to help us.”

Terminals and Ports Operator 

GBA Group of Companies

The Terminals and Ports Operator Award went to GBA Group of Companies who have acted as advisors to several port authorities in the UK, Turkey, India and Malaysia,specifically with reference to RoRo facilities and the handling of deep sea and short sea carriers. This ability is manifested through strong maritime links within its employees,several of whom have been in command at sea.

“We’re over the moon. It’s timely because of Marchwood for which we are taking responsibility in the New Year,” said Commercial Director Bosch Virdi. “To win the Ports and Terminals Award obviously adds to our credibility.”

Road Transport Company 

DHL Supply Chain with Jaguar Land Rover

The Road Transport Company Award was won by DHL Supply Chain with Jaguar Land Rover. DHL manages a dedicated fleet for Jaguar Land Rover - their freight control tower has been a key success factor in the European Element of the inbound logistics function.Their success is due to its partnership approach and thanks to Jaguar Land Rover's open-minded approach and willingness to allow DHL to explore the possibilities of collaboration.

“It is absolutely fabulous to win this,” said Bob Naylor, Vice President Automotive Industrial LLP JLR UK/EU Freight at DHL. “It is a team effort, both from a DHL perspective and a customer perspective and a long journey from 2008 to where we are now in 2015. May the success continue.”

Rail Company

ARS Altmann

The Rail Company Award was received by Howard Nash, Managing Director UK at ARS Altmann. ARS Altmann have established one of the best network structures in Germany and are strategically positioned in the vicinity of the major automotive industry centres in Eastern and Southern Europe.

The Rail Company Award was received by Howard “We are really delighted to win the RailCompany award,” said Nash. “It shows recognition for the work we do with our customers in mainland Europe. We have the largest fleet of privately owned rail wagons in Europe and we continue to invest in new equipment for the future and in new markets,the latest being the UK.” Nash, Managing Director UK at ARS Altmann. ARS Altmann have established one of the best network structures in Germany and are strategically positioned in the vicinity of the major automotive industry centres in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Vehicle Processing Centre

GBA Group of Companies

The Award for Vehicle Processing Center was presented to GBA Group of Companies.GBA’s flow line process means that productivity within and around a new technical facility can be controlled with a greater degree of scientific accuracy and traceability, and this breeds efficiency at a micro-level. GBA’s approach relied upon extensive modelling supported by ‘to-the-second’ time and motion testing.

Captain Sam Judah, GBA’s Managing Director, said: “Both awards reflect the hardwork and commitment of all our 800 staff.That commitment is to quality and customer service above all else, and I am proud to accept the awards on their behalf.”

Aftermarket Parts Logistics 

Unipart Logistics with Mobis

Unipart Logistics with Mobis were the winners of the Aftermarket Parts Logistics Award.

Bernard Molloy, Unipart’s Global Industrial Director said: “I am very honoured to accept this award. The people who really won this are not here, they are our teams who at the cutting edge of parts logistics. They are a young, passionate and visionary team who thrive on the challenges of delivering the right items to the right customers, right on time, every time.”

Shipping Company

Maersk Line

The Shipping Company Award went to Maersk Line, the world’s largest container shipping company known for reliable,flexible and eco-efficient services, operating 310 container vessels providing ocean transportation in all parts of the world.

“It is a great honour to win this award and it means a great deal to us,” said David Browne, Director of Sales UK & Ireland. “The impact that we have as a large user like the automotive industry is very important and we make sure that we do it in the very best possible way. It’s great to have the recognition of the industry.”

Purchasing Executive

Michael Druml 

The Purchasing Executive Award was presented to Michael Druml of Magna Steyr. His extensive expert knowledge enabled the successful realisation of company overlapping supply chain management projects such as Magna Logistics Europe and Magna Europe Purchasing Initiative. He is a foundation member of the Automotive Cluster, Styria And Member of the advisory board of BVL,the Austrian Federation of Logistics.

“I am very proud to win this award,” said Druml. “it is a very nice appreciation of what we try to do at Magna Steyr. As a contract car manufacturer, we don’t just follow our customers’ existing processes and systems,we always try to exceed them - with Magna quality.”

Logistician Award

Joannes Van Osta

The Logistician Award was picked up by Joannes Van Osta, General Manager Group Transport & Finished Machine Distribution at JCB. Van Osta oversees his company's logistics performance as a leading British exports to over 150 countries around the world. He is also a leading advocate of environmental protection and has promoted various initiatives in this sphere. He has driven significant improvements across all areas of logistics within the company and has delivered significant improvements in supplier relations, delivery accuracy, timing and costs.“I feel honoured, humble and very grateful, but I also feel that thanks should be expressed to the company that I work for,to my colleagues and the partners that wework with in the industry. It is an individual award but really one for the team,” said VanOsta.

Corporation of theYear 

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics

A new Award, that for Corporation of the Year was presented to Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics.The shipping industry is the engine of world commerce. No other industry move as much with as little emissions. But shipping still leaves a significant environmental footprint. Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics delivers innovative and sustainable global shipping and logistics solutions for manufacturers of cars, trucks, heavy equipment and specialised cargo. WWL has approximately 6000 employees worldwide and deploys more than 60 modern vessels.The company has a strong environmental focus and is an industry leader in developing innovative solutions to reduce its operational impacts on the environment.Since its establishment 16 years ago,WWL has actively worked to progress the environmental agenda within the shipping industry. It actively works to decrease the environmental impact of its activities andto reduce the use of energy and natural resources per transported product.

2014 Winners

Third Party Logistics Company

DHL Supply Chain

DHL’s strength has been built upon their ability to create collaborative solutions between manufacturers and tier suppliers which make supply chains more agile and allows customers to focus on core business objectives. One of the judges commented:“DHL and Jaguar Land Rover are doing what a truly excellent 3PL partner should do. They are sharing the burden, enabling growth, avoiding manufacturing site real estate investment and improving combined space utilisation. Productivity gains and process improvement have facilitated progressive incremental activity transfer and benefit. It’s a great customer complexity containment and enabler, to the benefit of Jaguar Land Rover and their consumers.”Bob Naylor, Vice President, DHL collected the award and said: “We’re very honoured to receive the award. I think, as with all the other winners, it is a team effort and we’re very privileged to be here to receive the award on behalf of everyone in our organisation.”

Shipping Company

Maersk Line

Maersk Line continues to drive sustainability in shipping by cutting emissions and helping their customers lessen the impact of their supply chains. The introduction of Triple E ships in2013 and 2014 have set new standards on energy efficiency, while the Group’s existing fleet is being retrofitted with new technologies to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance. In 2013 Maersk Line reduced CO2 by 12% in the same year that it grew by 4.1%. One judge commented:“ Maersk Lines’ reliability,innovation and commitment to exceeding customer expectations is testament to what makes them a carrier of choice for many of the world’s automotive manufacturers.”Paul Russell, Global KeyClient Manager at Maersk Line collected the award and said:“It’s a great honour for Maersk Line to be nominated for the award, as well as to win it. This is our first time attending the awards ceremony and we won at the first occasion. It feels good to be recognised by the automotive industry. The night was extraordinary and I’m looking forward to next year already.”

Road Transport Company

GBA Group of Companies

Operating in the UK, GBA Transport, has been supporting OEM’s to reduce the severe lack of capacity in the industry and has addressed the issues of fleet utilisation and environmental impact, through the adoption of enhanced ‘Best Practice’ principles, implementation of enhanced route planning, improved communication channels and a focus on CO2 reduction. The Group have shown a continual investment into staff training, which has resulted in a 0.04% sickness rate and damage free delivery ratio of 99.89%.A judge commented: “GBA has demonstrated its core ethos of delivering service excellence through its investment in their staff’s development and knowledge.”Bosch Virdi, Commercial Director, GBA Group said on receiving the award: “I feel honoured to have the award on behalf of our staff and the entire team at GBA. The evening was wonderful and it feels great to have won two awards.”

Rail Company


The unparalleled strength of GEFCO’s network, coupled with its experience and innovative approach in the sector has meant it is able to provide flexible,reliable and cost effective solutions to its clients within Europe and Asia. GEFCO has access to 200 European lines, 4,000rail wagons and benefits from strong partnerships with combined operators to access existing networks, not least with the new shareholder RZD.One Judge commented that “Within the rail industry GEFCO has provided vitally important efficiency and optimisation of services to customers through its existing relationships,partnerships and investment in infrastructure.”Axel Streiber, Global Accounts Manager and Charlie Weale, Sales & Marketing Director Accepted the award, Axel Streiber said: “I am delighted with this award; of course, we were already happy to have been shortlisted for this event. So, we’re really delighted to get this award.” Charlie Weale added: “I think that given our change of ownership to Russian Railways, it’s a particularly strategic award for us, and it’s very much a foothold in what is a very interesting market going forward, and that is getting freight off the roads on to rail.”

Terminals and Ports Operator

GBA Group of Companies

GBA operates vehicle terminals and processing facilities throughout the UK, coveringin excess of 740 acres and handling in excess of 1,600,000 vehicles per annum. GBA’scommitment to providing quality end to end logistics services to its customers has seen itattract additional business at numerous ports, inland terminals and vehicle manufacturingfacilities. In the last 12 months GBA has extended their existing capabilities by establishingfacilities for Volkswagen at Sheerness and Honda in Southampton. One judge commented:“What sets GBA aside is the passion they have for the job.”

Aftermarket Parts Logistics

TNT Express

Through consistent customer focus and commitment to reducing costs and eliminating waste from the supply chain, TNT have provided an invaluable service to its customer by delivering unbeatable road transit times across Europe, delivering both dealer and customer appreciation. One judge attributed the win to “TNT’s willingness to discuss improvements with customers as well as the support offered to customers to analyse the impact of changes in their supply chain.” Accepting the award, Nick Beard,Head of Automotive and David Hill, Global Strategic Account Manager - Automotive said: “The award is not just for my management staff, but for the entire operational team. It’s for the guys that deliver this every single day - Monday to Friday - wind, rain and snow. It’s for the people in the hubs, the customer service people, it’s for the people who work in our backoffices, finance, commercial, compliance, taxation, it’s for all of those people. It’s testament to all their efforts.”  

IT Innovation

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd with Yusen Logistics

Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd with Yusen Logistics have enjoyed a long relationship since the first Carina rolled off the line at Burnaston. The long standing, highly successful relationship between the two companies is testament to their successful system at Burnaston, where they have reduced costs, minimised waste and maximised efficiency.  John Mitchell, Head of Automotive Vertical, Business Development Division, Yusen Logistics (Europe) was brief but generous in his thanks and his praise for the event: “I’d like to thank everyone for the award and the wonderful night. This is such a great event for celebrating our industry, catching up with old friends and making new contacts.”  

Environmental Awareness:

Brit European

Brit European have designed and implemented new technology which has had a direct, and significant, impact on their carbon reduction. One judge commented: “Asan industry we need these new technologies to emerge and we commend anyone who embraces the need for improvement in carbon reduction through new technology.” Andy Brookes, Operations Director,Brit European was pleasantly surprised to have won two awards in under a year: “I'm Absolutely overwhelmed by winning the award. This is our second award in less than 12 months, and it is a combination of hard work by the team at Brit European that have worked so hard during the year to achieve what we have achieved in terms of reducing our carbon footprint, that we could only do this by using our dual fuel vehicles.

Logistics Quality

ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd.

Founded upon the principle of Bestor Nothing, the ECM brand has become synonymous with Best Practice and remains an internationally acclaimed benchmark for quality. A judge concluded: “ECM demonstrated, with clear evidence, that they have been committed to improving quality standards not only internally within their business but also externally through proactive engagement with their clients,competitors and industry bodies across the automotive supply chain.”From ECM, John Hope, Director, General Services said: “I’m very pleased to receive this award on behalf of ECM. I am the head of a large quality team of dedicated individuals both in our head office at Carlisle and out in the field across the UK and this is dedicated to all of them. It was also very touching to see Ray (McDowall) winning the Outstanding Achievement award; I have worked with Ray for more than 20 years and if anybody in the industry deserves to win this, it is Ray.”

Most Supportive OEM:

Jaguar Land Rover

Due to the anonymous voting system used to judge this award, there are no specific comments from any judges but Sam Ogle, Editor of Automotive Supply Chain Magazine pointed to the organisation of JLR purchasing and logistics operations is probably being a deciding factor in the voting: “A global outlook with great localsupport in all the regions that the OEM operates in, really helping nurture suppliers and logistics providers follow and benefit from JLR’s expansion.”David Dyke, Global Material Planning & Logistics Director, Jaguar Land Rover said: “To win the award again is wonderful. It’s a great recognition of what we at JLR are trying to do - to be recognised by the people, the suppliers and the partners that we work with; to stretch our business, but whilst we are doing this, working with the people we partner with to deliver excellence in everything we do.”

Purchasing Executive

Lars Wrebo, Volvo Cars

Lars Wrebo could not make it to the event and sent the Vice-President of Purchasing, Indirect & Powertrain, Anders Svensson who said: “I am honoured to collect this award for my colleague Lars Wrebo. Over the last one or two years, we have really changed the way we operate our whole supply chain, going from a very divided organisation with purchasing on one side, and logistics and supply chain on the other. Now, we are one joint team (a very large team) and we are making significant progress, using a much more holistic attitude and with fewer preconceived notions.”

The Leaders Awards - Gold

Awais Ajmal, Kia Motors

Awais Ajmal has demonstrated extensive knowledge of the entire supply chain show through his leadership, innovation and ultimately Kia’s growth. Awais leads his team to achieve success which is evident through their peers and customers voting KIA as the Most Supportive OEM at the 2013 Automotive Supply Chain awards.This award was quite unexpected said Awais: “It’s certainly an honour, totally out of the blue and shocking! I must dedicate this to the development and coaching that Kia Motors Have given me. Kia does foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and they have also played a major part in giving me the autonomy to get to this level. The automotive industry is a fascinating place and it is very inspirational for a lot of people. And it feels amazing to get an award.”

The Leaders Awards - Silver

Lukasz Szutenberg, Adampol

Lukasz is an inspiring young man with a clear and undoubted passion for transport and logistics, whose dedication and determination as well as excellent planning and great ideas may change the face of logistics not only in his home country, but across Europe. He has already created an alternative logistic solution for Mazda which is in use today.Lukasz was visibly delighted to win the award: “I would like to thank you for the nomination and the award. I feel incredibly honoured to be recognised by my peers and I thank Adampol for giving me the opportunity to achieve so much in this great business.”


Bernard Molloy, Unipart Logistics

Bernard is a well known and much loved figure in the industry, he is described as first and foremost an inspiration.His passion, energy and commitment to innovation make him an ideal role model for aspiring logisticians. He is credited with making a meaningful contribution to the success of British business through his passion for making a difference to supply chains around the world.Bernard was delighted to win this award and said: “I'm Rather taken aback, because last week we won the Bentley Inbound supply chain contract, and this actually the icing on the cake. This is just as, if not more, important. The most important thing that I would say from a Bentley point of view, that this is good for all my colleagues, all the people that we employ from the North-West, and indeed all of our people.“I’m very, very grateful to Unipart, to have the position to deliver this for the company and the wider group.”

Vehicle Processing Centre

Groupe CAT

To win the award for Vehicle Processing Centre for two consecutive years is no easy feat. Groupe CAT’s 2014 entry highlighted their positive relationship and processing excellence at its Southampton and Thorne Centres for Renault-Nissan-Alliance and BMW UK, demonstrating agility and flexibility to support the operational diversification manufacturers need for their business streams and client profile. One Judge commented : “Groupe Cat have proven themselves to be Vehicle Logistics and Technical Services Specialists.”

Outstanding Achievement

Ray MacDowall, ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd.

Ray has devoted his working life to the creation and growth of ECM which has become the largest privately owned road transport company in the UK. Known for his personal qualities as a gentleman of the industry, he has also served as a Board Member of ECG for many years.The success of ECM is a fitting tribute to a remarkable man.Ray was quite surprised by the award and said: “I’m taken aback really because I wasn’t expecting this award.I just feel so proud, but I feel more proud for the team thanI do for myself. Whilst this is a personal award, I still think of it as a team award. I’m only as good as the people who are working with me, supporting me and backing me in my career.This is just terrific recognition for them, and for me personally. It will, of course, have a proud place in our trophy cabinet and it’s something that I’m going to cherish for a long, long time.

2013 Winners

Outstanding Achievement

Michael Riggs

The Outstanding Achievement award ,went to Michael Riggs, Chairman Of Jack Cooper Holdings, and was presented by last year's winner, Bo Andersson, CEO of GAZ Group in Russia.

Riggs was visibly surprised and thrilled in equal measure to be invited to the stage to collect his award amid the audience’s warm and tumultuous applause.“I am privileged to be in the company of such an audience and I hope to meet many of you as we now look to make acquisitions in Europe and Asia,” he said. “We have managed to make Jack Cooper a family-held business. My three granddaughters and one grandson own as much of the company as I do and we want to send a signal to all our customers, our union partners and the industry in total that this is a generational company and I want it to be around when my four-year-old granddaughter is in the work force.”

Purchasing Executive

Cengiz Kabatepe

The Purchasing Executive Award went to Cengiz Kabatepe, Purchasing Assistant General Manager, Ford Otosan, Turkey. Ford Otosan is now responsible for the total global production of the Ford Transit, having taken over the Southampton output earlier this year, leading to a successful restructuring of the supplier base for which Kabatepe has been largely responsible.

Logistician of the Year

Christopher J. Connor

Christopher Connor,President and CEO of WWL who,to his great regret was unable to be present. Connor’s elevation to the top post at WWL was warmly welcomed this year after a stellar career with the company.

Connor later received the award in person at the Automotive Leaders Summit

Leaders Award - Gold 

David Dyke 

The Gold winner was David Dyke who has held the position of Global Material Planning and Logistics Director at Jaguar Land Rover since 2009 after joining JLR in 1985, taking an increasingly important roles and responsibilities and demonstrating exceptional talent and skill in his senior leadership position.

Leaders Award - Silver 

Katerina Bakali

The Silver winner was Katerina Bakali,age 25, a licensed second officer with Neptune Lines, who has already spent 17 months in service on board Neptune Kefalonia, a modern 3200 car capacity ship.

Leaders Award - Bronze 

Sabine Brosch

The youngest category embraces those who are currently completing studies or an apprenticeship in a key automotive field and this years’ Bronze winner was Sabine Brosch, age 23, a determined andable young engineer and welder who leads the Kingston University club team in building a race car.

Environmental Awareness

ebm papst 

The Environmental Awareness Award went to ebm-papst Mulfingen GmbH UK, for its dedication to a reduction in CO2 emissions and the company’s desire to put environmental improvements at the forefront of its activities.

Neptune Lines Shipping SA and DHL proved to be sturdy opposition but the ebm papst nomination was deemed bythe judges to be unbeatable on this occasion.

Third Party Logistics Company 

Yusen Logistics 

Third Party Logistics Company award went to Yusen Logistics for its Tamworth site which has proved to be a quality operation with 100% compliance from day one.  

Rail Company 


STVA UK picked up the Rail Company Award for the company’s ability to prove itself flexible to customer demand. Its delivery of additional capacity for planned customer growth put it top of the shortlist of Canadian National, Union Pacific and Transcontainer.

Terminals and Ports Operator 

Adampol SA 

Adampol SA took the award for Terminals and Ports Operator,impressing the judges with its exceptional ability to work within the Russian import regulations and for creating a central gateway between Europe and Asia at its Małaszewicze terminal in Poland.

Vehicle Processing Centre 

Groupe CAT 

Groupe CAT took the Vehicle Processing Centre Award for its work offering impressive in-house IT solutions and global vehicle services. The technical services offered at Thorne, Oxford, Bristol and Southampton to four OEM customers were highly praised and GBA Group of Companies,International Auto Processing and Paragon Automotive were the unlucky shortlisted candidates.

Aftermarket Parts Logistics 

Unipart Logistics 

Unipart Logistics was presented with the Aftermarket Parts Logistics Award for the change in customer service levels and supply chain performance for Jaguar Land Rover’s aftermarket sector that Unipart provided this year. Once again,competition in this category was fierce and the judges’ decision saw TCI SCS, DHL and STS Logistics narrowly outvoted.

Shipping Company 


M.C.C.L. won the Shipping Company Award for operating with great flexibility and determination in some less-than ideal circumstances, particularly in the North African region andin the Black Sea. This was a particularly hard-fought category with Unifeeder AS and K-Line proving worthy competitors.

Most Supportive OEM 


Most Supportive OEM Award was opened up to an industry vote rather than selection by the judging panel and was won by Hyundai-Kia. It Was truly the voice of the industry being heard and the result was indoubt right up until the final votes were received. Indeed, the lead changed hands four times in the final week of voting.

IT Innovation 


Trubiquity collected the IT Innovation Award for its web-based software platform, TRUcentrix,which enables the automation of the Production Part Approval Process. The 40% reduction in the average time spent collecting,managing and approving PPAP submissions won it the awardover strong competition from Technovisa and Puzzle.

Road Transport Company 


ECM (Vehicle Distribution Service) Ltd. collected the Road Transport Company Award for its tireless work in relaxing the EU Cabotage rules. ECM’s success in this endeavour carries wide ranging benefits for customers,dealer networks, motor manufacturers and all participants in the vehicle supply chain and the announcement was warmly welcomed by the appreciative audience.

2012 Winners

Terminals and Ports Operator

Port of Zeebrugge

While respectful mentions must go to the hardworking nominees, BLG Logistics Group, the Bristol Port Company and ROLF SCS, the eventual winner of the Port and Terminal Operator was the Port of Zeebrugge for their good nautical accessibility, good road and rail, recently-established modern sport equipment and large pool of skilled labour.Miel Vermorgen, Director Sales and Logistics, collected the award and made the point that, “Zeebrugge is a very large and open port which can still offer a lot of open parking to the companies which use us, thereby increasing Flexibility. There are always good comments from our customers, who are very pleased with the service we give them. “

Environmental Awareness

Nissan North America

The award to Nissan North America for the Environmental Awareness Award, was collected by DanRoovers, Vice President Automotive Sales of ORBIS Corporation, for their work inpartnership to standardise its reusable packaging system with a selected set of container and pallet sizes in a minimal amount of stocked colours. The nominees were Ryder and Wallenius Wilhelmsen Lines, both of which are rightly regarded as being in the forefront of environmental awareness.Talking about nominating Nissan for the award, DanRoovers said, “Nissan has made a very considerable effort in the past couple of years to reduce the amount of air in their transportation systems which has massive impact on the environment.“

Most Supportive OEM

Jaguar Land Rover

Shortlisted for the Most Supportive OEM were BMW, Honda And Toyota, all of which were praised for their willingness to collaborate and support whenever possible. The winner, Jaguar Land Rover, was praised for supporting its suppliers and logistics providers in challenging economic circumstances.Receiving the award,Margaret Beever, JLR’s Senior Purchasing Manager,Manufacturing & Logistics,said, “Our policy is to develop long-term relationships with our suppliers and create situations whereby the supply base and JLR can both benefIt together so hopefully this award is recognition of that policy coming into practice.

Third Party Logistics

Priority Freight

Priority Freight took the Third Party Logistics Award, which was collected by Andrew Austin, CEO, and Neil Williams, MD, in recognition of the way in which the company has expanded, not only in geographic terms but in operational areas. Adampol, CEVA Logistics and TCI Supply Chain Solutions were highly regarded by the judges and shortlisted for the award for their successful business practises.Austin maintains that their win is due to ‘investing heavily in sales and new operations, acquiring a company in London Heathrow, and opening a new branch in Poland in the last six months’ and added that ‘future’s very exciting and very promising’

Shipping Company

Neptune Lines

Although K Line and Mitsui O.S.K. Lines offer outstanding service, they were beaten to this year's’ Shipping Company award by Greece-based Neptune Lines. It operates a regular liner service to more than 26 key ports in 17 countries within the Mediterranean, Black Sea, Iberia and Morocco Atlantic area and offers constantly improving maritime services to most of the world's car manufacturers despite the problematic economic conditions.Nadine Dangleterre, Commercial Manager, collected the award and said, “I was very surprised to receive the award as we were nominated along with larger globally-operating shipping lines, so we were thrilled to be recognised for our work.

Rail Company


Petr Baskakov, CEO of TransContainer, was presented with the RailCompany award for consistently improving the company's performance, Financially and operationally, over the last six years and showing a dynamic and fast-developing approach.Congratulations must also go to the highly commended DB Schenker And STVA.Baskakov and his staff said, “We have existed in this logistics market just six years and within that period of time we have had good Financial Indicators.

Logistician of the Year

Stephen Harley

Egon Christ, Senior Manager Worldwide Transportation and Vehicle Distribution for Daimler and Leven Yuksel, Head of Logistics for Toyota Motor Europe were highly-regarded shortlisted nominees, but Stephen Harley, Ford Executive Director for Global Material Planning and Logistics and NAParts Supply and Logistics was awarded Logistician of the Years, in a particularly diffIcult and exceptional year, his work in managing significant manufacturing and distribution challenges was impressive.Harley pointed out that there have been ‘less supply chain challenges but signifIcant manufacturing and distribution challenges and Ford have ‘certainly had some innovations and some huge successes in our distribution world’.

Road Transport Company


The Road Transport Company award went to Autologic for the determined way in which it has maintained its position as a large player in a very competitive UK market, over the notable ECM (Vehicle Delivery Service) Ltd. ROLF SCS and TechnoVisa.Mark Hindley, Commercial Director, collected the award on behalf of the company,which has risen to challenges by providing a cost-competitive service whilst, at the same time,investing in more owned vehicle transporters and drivers.

IT Innovation

Yusen Logistics and Honda

John Pursey, Business Unit Director of Yusen Logistics and Richard Marlow, Department Manager External Logistics of Honda ofthe UK Manufacturing,picked up the Innovation award. Yusen Have managed Honda's Extended and complex inbound supply chain;bringing in parts from 60 vendors, often in far-Jung Manufacturing locations,through more than 100 supply routes. The other shortlisted nominees in this category were Autotechnoimport LLC, INFORM GmbH and ICO and Zebra Technologies and Audi. Marlow said, “I think this award recognises how the innovation and the technology that Yusen Logistics has putin place have really supported our business over the quite challenging period of the last two years.”

Aftermarket PartsLogistics

CEVA Logistics

Caterpillar Logistics Services and TCI Supply Chain Solutions were the others nominated for the Aftermarket PartsLogistics award before it was presented to CEVA Logistics General Manager, Iain Gardiner. The nominators named the shared user distribution network for through-the-night deliveries to automotive workshops and dealerships as the main reason for choosing CEVA and the judges agreed with the idea of a collaborative solution between the Ive automotive OEMs.Gardiner said, “We do a number of things: we talk to our customers, we listen to what our customers have got to say and then we clarify our approach with our customers in making sure we deliver what they ask of us and more.

Purchasing Executive

Susanna Webber

Susanna Webber, Member of the Management Board of Adam Opel AG and Vice President Purchasing and Supply Chain Europe was awarded Purchasing Executive of the year and collected it for her role in the deal whereby General Motors has appointed GEFCO to be its fourth party logistics provider across Europe including Turkey and Russia. It was a hard choice, as Margaret Beever of Jaguar Land Rover and Cengiz Kabatepe of Ford Otosan were both strong contenders.“I don’t think there’s one specific thing that I do that deserves the award, although clearly I recognise who we do business with – our true partners." said Ms Webber.

Vehicle Processing Centre

GBA Group

GBA Group’s internal culture, based on traditional family values,and recognition of the importance of personal contribution to the entire logistics chain saw them winning the Vehicle Processing Centre award.Though Autologic and GEFCO were tough competition, GBA’s high level of staff retention and low level of sickness proved their service deserved there cognition.Collecting the award for GBA Group, Captain Stephen Bland, Operations Director and Steve Dolby, Terminal Manager said, “We accept this on behalf of the group but more especially the six hundred plus employees who’ve really earned this.“We’re 25 years young this year so I hope we can support you for another 25 years and thanks very much for everything.”

Outstanding Achievement

Bo Andersson

The Outstanding Achievement Award was presented to Bo Andersson, to honour his industrious work and superb results, since leaving General Motors. Three and a half years ago, Andersson took the reins at GAZ to find a company deeply in debt, grossly over-staffed, with a poor product range and archaic working practices. Under his guidance new production strategy was implemented and GAZ Group has delivered impressive financial results. In 2012, the company more than doubled year-on-year net profIt which has enabled it to signifIcantly increase investment in new projects.Bo Andersson said, “I am honoured to receive this award. This recognition reaffIrms GAZ's leading market position in Russia and its potential for growth in export markets.“Despite a challenging economic environment, GAZ has led the way in the Russian automotive sector, forging key partnerships and posting substantive profits to help drive growth forward.“This accolade is a reJection of our team’s dedication and professionalism and has only been achieved because of their positive and ambitious attitude.”