Big Winners in the Big Easy  

Automotive Global Awards North America, Ritz-Carlton, New Orleans - 5 April 2017   

Amidst the sounds and musical talents of the New Orleans Jazz Festival, Automotive Executives gathered in the heart of this historic and vibrant city to celebrate achievement, creativity, knowledge and partnership.

Celebrations for the 2017 Automotive Global Awards North America sponsored by RICH Logistics commenced with a champagne reception afterwhich individuals and companies across 19 categories were honoured at this prestigious black-tie ceremony.

“These awards reflect the enthusiasm for development and innovation across the whole industry.  Encouraging and developing individuals through creativity of ideas, through adaptation and flexibility, through planning and pioneering new ways, through new thoughts and new ideas,” said Peter Wooding, CEO of Three6Zero who organised the Awards “I am delighted with the support we have had to bring this event to North America once again and believe it has brought the opportunity to connect, debate and share the hot topics but also, to celebrate the achievements. We are proud to have welcomed a truly outstanding group of individuals for our annual North American celebrations.”

The 2017 Awards event built on the successes of its two previous North American Awards events by once more delighting guests with excellent food and opulent surroundings.

Shannon Everett, Executive Vice President and CFO of RICH Logistics, the Awards Exclusive Sponsor, gave a final address thanking Three6Zero for a fantastic event and congratulations to all of the evening’s winners. He said “As your sponsor I would like to say a few words. Congratulations to all of the winners today, I know there is a lot of hard work that goes into maintaining the service levels the OEMs expect. Thank you to the Three6Zero team for a great job today, we are proud to sponsor such a great event. Thank you.”

Rising Star Logistics:

Lindsay English

(ICL Rubicon)

Comments from the judges indicated that they were impressed with Lindsay's role in organising and launching Rubicon involved the recruitment and training of a diverse workforce spread across three countries. Rubicon assumed responsibility for FCA's massive NAFTA outbound network in 2015, working closely with FCA, Lindsay assembled a comprehensive transition plan resulting in a seamless handover of control on the launch date. Examples of Lindsay's encouragement and empowerment of her employees have become standard throughout the organisation.

Rising Star Sales & Marketing:

Jessica Paugh Warnke

(Carter Logistics)

Comments from the judges indicated that they were impressed with Jessica's recognition in the industry for her customer focused approach and exceeding the expectations of her clients. Her reputation for building relationships across the industry is founded on her passion for her job. She has helped build Carter Logistics' alliances with over 4,200 suppliers to create an unparalleled network of shared freight and collection routes.

Most Supportive OEM:

Ford Motor Company

The Most Supportive OEM award which honours the vehicle manufacturer that has done most to foster collaboration and partnership with its suppliers and service providers was won by Ford Motor Company. The award was nominated and voted for by senior global executives throughout the automotive industry.

Logistics Quality

Horizon Terminal Services

Horizon Terminal Services' approach to continuously pursuing opportunities to establish new strategically located automotive locations, which not only bring significant network optimisations but also an improved environmentally friendly footprint, enables Horizon to bring real and sustainable value to the automotive industry. As data visibility becomes more important in terms of providing efficiency improvements, Horizon provides a real opportunity to its customer base to control productivity and inventory through the terminal operating system.

Third Party Logistics Company


ProTrans continues to excel meeting the automotive industries' challenges and partnering with the industry to deliver technological and cost-effective innovations. In 2016, ProTrans was awarded a six year contract with a premium sector international automobile manufacturer to provide transportation between various supplier and customer locations within the US and Mexico. The scope of service includes consolidated, less than truckload, direct truckload, premium transportation services and cross docking operations in North America. To meet the specific business needs of this customer, ProTrans developed new and modified internal processes, enhanced its proprietary TMS Optimiz, committed to a new business intelligence platform and expanded its North American footprint.

Aftermarket Parts Logistics:

Holman Parts Distribution

The aftermarket is a vital part of the automotive supply chain and an essential and on-going link between manufacturer and consumer. Holman Parts Distribution demonstrated standardisation in processes across all of its operating locations, providing visibility to all shipments and allowing more informed decisions to be made. With this project Holman delivered standardisation, process efficiencies, quantifiable cost savings internally and a value-add proposition to its customers.

Picking up the award was John Conte, Logistics Manager of Holman Parts Distribution, “This is our first time at this event, we think it’s a great event, we love being a part of the automotive industry," he said. "Logistics is something that is near and dear to us. One of the Holman core values is a focus on continuous improvement so we take that to heart and we try to build that into all of our processes. We are happy to be here and thank you for the recognition.”

Vehicle Processing Centre:

FAPS, Inc.

FAPS has been providing the automotive industry import/export preparation services for 60 years within the Port of New York & New Jersey. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy FAPS' project recovery resulted in the preservation of its investments and the ultimate prize of customer satisfaction. As a result FAPS' auto-processing facility in North America can handle over 500,000 vehicles annually utilising the latest IT technology operating in a real time RF environment which effectively manages inventory, cargo releases, services and electronic invoicing.

August LoBue, Co-Principal of FAPs said: “Totally unexpected, our company wants to thank the organisation and from a vehicle processing standpoint you are only as good as your people. While we are a company who doesn’t necessarily look for that recognition,  this is a great honor and a great piece to add to our history so I thank you”.

Terminals and Ports Operator:


The Port of Jacksonville (JAXPORT) is one of the leading auto handling ports in North America. Significant recent achievements include the completion of the Mile Point project, an on-dock rail facility serving the Blount Island and Dames Point Terminals; berth, dock and rail upgrades and three new 100-gauge electric container cranes which entered service in December and the signing of the Project Partnership Agreement with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to begin the deepening of the Jacksonville channel to 47 feet. The port is an Industry leader in the safe handling of automobiles with a ship berth to point of rest in close proximity. It has a fast reach to the important Southeast U.S. consumer market and is in close proximity to Southeast manufacturing locations.

Roy Schleicher, EVP COO of JAXPORT said: “Thank you very much, this is a great honor and I thank the organisation. I want to thank the OEMs that are working at our ports and the port processors, I have AMPORTS over there and Horizon over there. I want to send a special shout out to Frank Camp who handles automotive industry in JAXPORT”.

Shipping Company:

Grimaldi Group

The Grimaldi Group is a dedicated supplier of integrated logistics services based on maritime transport to the world's major vehicle manufacturers. The Group comprises seven main shipping companies, including Atlantic Container Line (ACL). ACL's new Generation 4 ships are faster and more fuel efficient than their predecessors. They are still combination Ro-Ro and container ships but with the accommodation in the middle of the ship rather than at the stern as in the previous generation.

Costantino Baldissara, Commercial Logistics and Operations Director of Grimaldi said: “Thank you to all of the organisation and to our clients, I am very delighted to be here and it is a great honor for me to receive this award in this great country. Thank you very much.”

IT Innovation:

Car Delivery Network

Car Delivery Network's ePOD app has started the transformation from paper to electronic data capture for many US Auto Carriers. After rapid ePOD success capturing data at the point of delivery, OEMs identified the need to replace paperwork at the rail yards in order to achieve 100% electronic distribution by the road carrier, as a result CDN's eOUTGATE project was established. The eOUTGATE solution is designed to facilitate the electronic release of vehicles from railyards for onward delivery to dealerships. The objective being to remove paper and automate the process of information transfer between all parties involved in the interchange. eOUTGATE ensures 100% paperless and real-time transactions.

This is the third successive year that Car Delivery Network has won this award reinforcing their consistency and technological know-how.

Derric Hicks, Director of Operations USA said: “I just wanted to say thank you to Peter and the organisation, I also wanted to say thank you to our customers who are here. One of our big goals at CDN is to challenge the status quo and to keep providing technology and innovation that helps out this industry. I want to thank you for giving us this award.” 

Carrier of the Year:

Reliable Carriers

Reliable Carriers is family owned and operated since 1960 with a focus on offering consistency, continuous improvements and flexibility. It is the nation's largest enclosed auto transport company serving the 48 contiguous United States and Canada. The company provides state of the art software that is highly modifiable to meet client specific needs offering door-to-door transport by enclosed transport for antique cars, auto auctions, auto shows, collector cars and racing cars as well as open carrier transport for door to door auto shipping and relocation services. Reliable is one of the nation's largest and most admired specialised carriers.

Justin Newell, General Manager, Reliable Carriers: “Good evening everyone, I just wanted to say thank you this is a very pleasant surprise. We are really fortunate, there are so many fantastic vehicle transportation companies in the industry and we are just fortunate to be considered among that crowd. It is a testament to our hard working quality drivers and employees who always get the job done everyday. And certainly thank you to Peter, Sam and the rest of the Three6Zero team for a truly wonderful event again this year.”

Product Innovation:

Convertible Trailer Manufacturing WorldWide

CTM is a company that was built on the simple idea of improving automotive logistics through the use of improved hardware and a convertible solution. CTM's Convertible Trailer converts from a conventional auto hauler to a versatile flatbed in minutes. It is further complemented by CTM's AutoBox: a flexible, stacking, interlocking, collapsible, inter-modal mini container designed to carry virtually any kind of freight. Together, they offer a complete transport solution that can reduce wastage in the auto transport industry around the globe.

Globally, automotive transportation, whether by road, rail or ocean, has an empty rate of up to 50%. Through the use of CTM's convertible focused solutions, the Convertible Project aims to dramatically reduce this waste along with the numbers of trucks on the road required to do the same job as before.

“Patience, perseverance, persistence. Thank you very much for all of our supports out there,” said Bill Pawluk, CEO of CTM Worldwide.

Service Excellence:


VASCOR operates dozens of holding yards across North America, facilitating a smooth transition of finished vehicles into the final stages of the logistics pipeline, including mixing yards for sorting of vehicles according to destination. A privately held joint venture between APL Logistics and Fujitrans Corporation, VASCOR is infused with expertise that comes from its connection to its owners' global supply chain solutions in more than 50 countries across six continents. Broad expertise across the entire supply chain allows VASCOR to create custom solutions to fit every client's unique operational needs, from inbound parts and finished vehicle logistics to freight brokerage.

This is the third award that VASCOR have won, winning in 2015 for "Vehicle Processing Centre" and in 2016 for "Innovation Partnership".

Richard Blank, VP FVS Business Development Sales of VASCOR said: “I want to thank the panel for this recognition, we are truly humbled by this. I want to thank Nick (Taylor) and his team for their hard work and innovation and technology. Inside VASCOR our IT group is our largest cost centre in our company, it’s our biggest functional group so we are looking to move forward, we are dependent on it and we really want to thank everyone for this.”

Purchasing Executive:

Robert Young


Robert 'Bob' Young has seen some turbulent times at the carmaker, and at its suppliers. During events ranging from the financial downturn of 2009 to the tragedy of the tsunami in Japan in 2011, Bob has worked tirelessly to re-think Toyota's supply chain and has tried to be more collaborative with suppliers than in the past, making special efforts to visualise and understand their supply chain through all its tiers and working with them to mitigate any risk in their own procurement chain. He has done this not only through implementing traditional Toyota principles but also by harvesting innovation from vendors, working to make certain Toyota patents available on an 'open source' basis, and by bringing suppliers into the development cycle earlier to merge design and manufacturing innovation to arrive at optimised solutions. Bob has encouraged his buying teams to analyse key process characteristics to establish a 'should be' cost for supplied components, and through this has helped to set targets for future programmes, using a regional and global Toyota benchmarking system, on a commodity by commodity basis.

Unfortunatly Bob couldn't be at the event in person.


Marc Brazeau


Marc is Head of Vehicle and Mexico Logistics MOPAR and International Procurement for FCA in North America. He is responsible for NAFTA vehicle logistics, inbound and outbound Mexico logistics, and MOPAR service parts logistics, as well as International logistics procurement. He is an energetic professional with over 20 years of experience on both sides of the supply chain purchasing process, from service provider to shipper, as well as external affairs experience in developing supply chain and transportation policy.

Marc couldn't be in the awards in person and the award was collected by Bob Iwasko, Vehicle Import Operations of FCA on his behalf.

Supply Chain Executive:

Kirk Williams

Proficient Auto Transport

Through Kirk's direction Proficient Auto Transport is consistently recognised as one of the top claims-free auto delivery service providers by its customers. Kirk is one of the founders of the Auto Haulers Association of America of which he is the current Vice Chairman. He is an active member of the Auto Carrier Conference of the American Trucking Association, the Florida Trucking Association, and the Jacksonville Transportation Club. Kirk was also instrumental in establishing the Auto Hauler Training Program which was put together by members of the Auto Haulers Association of America in conjunction with National Training, Inc.  The main purpose of the programme is to have a standardised, uniform comprehensive training programme utilising the AHAA loading manual.

“It actually did come as quite a surprise, thank you very much,” said Kirk on receiving the award.

Sales & Marketing Executive:

Dennis Manns

Road & Rail Services

Dennis is Chief Commercial Officer at Road and Rail Services, a multi-faceted, award winning logistic services provider which offers industry-leading plant and terminal services. During his tenure with Road & Rail Services, Dennis has implemented a tiered marketing strategy to help the organisation better integrate and expand within the various automotive, rail and commodities industries they represent. This multi-focal approach has included industry publications, social media integration, providing a leadership position with various industry conferences and appropriate sponsorships. Integrating Road & Rail Services performance recognition awards from the Class 1's, Top Tier automotive brands and other Fortune 500 customers, has enabled the organisation to obtain a number of new and key commercial opportunities.

Corporation of the Year:

United Road Services Inc.

United Road is a specialist when it comes to auto transport, delivering more than three million vehicles per year from clients like major auto makers, manufacturers, remarketers, financial institutions, auctioneers, dealers, retail, and personally owned vehicles. United Road has a network of over 6,000 trucks to facilitate smooth and expedient auto transport. As a dependable auto shipper, United Road operates in both the United States and Canada to provide a shipping range from coast to coast. Backed by patented technology and a nation-wide network of trucks and facilities, United Road excels in every aspect of auto transport.

“Thank you Peter and Three6zero, and especially to all of our hard working men and women behind the wheel and those who are driving the desk and turning the wrench as well. So thank you,” said United Road President & COO, Mark Anderson.

Outstanding Achievement:

Robert Miller

International Auto Processing

Robert (Bob) Miller is a true gentleman of the automotive industry. He is widely known and respected for his inspiration and commitment to the industry. From 1975, he spent ten years as National Vehicle Logistics Manager for Toyota Motor Sales before joining Hyundai Motor America as National Import Manager a position he was to hold for seven years. He then became Director of Marketing for Distribution & Auto Service where he spent a further ten years before joining Global Auto Processing Services as President & CEO in Port Hueneme, California. Fifteen years ago, he became President & CEO of International Auto Processing in Georgia. Through Bob’s leadership and direction IAP has achieved a stellar reputation, dedicated to providing services that exceeds its customers' standards of quality in a consistently timely manner, a culture that continues to be evident throughout every aspect of the port process. 

“Thank you very much to Three6Zero, this was completely unexpected but a perfect cap stone to my career. I retired at the end of December of last year and this is just amazing. So thank you very much to who nominated me and to the Judges. Thank you.” said Bob.

The measure of our ever-changing and evolving industry is found in celebration of the innovation, dedication and leading principles of those working in it.

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